Cornerstone Learning (formerly MLearning)

MLearning has been permanently retired to make way for Cornerstone Learning!

Cornerstone Learning is now live (Log in with Level 2 credentials.)

Key Points:

  • Faculty and staff can expect to see email messages from Cornerstone Learning informing them of training assignments. These messages may come from either noreply(at) OR NoReply–Cornerstone(at) (Note: These messages are legitimate, and links they contain can be trusted.)
  • Cornerstone Learning users are asked to complete a User Profile Questionnaire at their earliest convenience. The information collected helps to ensure that each user is assigned training that’s appropriate to their individual job role and responsibilities. (Note: It can take up to 24 hours for changes to appear on a user's training transcript.)
  • A record of all past training activities completed in MLearning has been carried over to Cornerstone Learning. 
  • Anything that had been assigned to complete in MLearning will now appear in Cornerstone Learning. 
  • All institutional “mandatories” are still available in Cornerstone Learning.

Using Cornerstone Learning

Michigan Medicine managers can assign one time/non-recurring training to their staff, use the user record to manage and assign automated training for their staff, view and manage their staff's profiles and run reports. Important reports to assist units in complying with Michigan Medicine institutional mandatory compliance can be run in Cornerstone Learning using Reporting 2.0.

Michigan Medicine Mandatory Learning Requirements

Michigan Medicine mandatory learning requirements which are generally applicable across the entire Health System are managed in Cornerstone Learning. Mandatories are usually assigned to faculty and staff through automated assignments.  A list of Michigan Medicine mandatory learning requirements provides a look at requirements for Michigan Medicine faculty and staff.

Managers can use this information as a guide to help their employees stay current and compliant with Michigan Medicine initiatives, systems, and processes.

Cornerstone Learning Facilitators

Cornerstone Learning Facilitators can enroll any learner into Instructor-led events (including virtual Instructor-Led training), mark any learners complete using Express Class (replaces post enroll), access any Michigan Medicine user record to manage and assign automated training, view and manage any learner profiles for entire enterprise, view any learner's active and completed transcript​ and run reports.  

Training for Cornerstone Learning facilitators is available in Cornerstone Learning.