Mobile Device Management

Enroll in the Mobile Device Management (MDM) system to access Exchange, secure Wi-Fi, and other Michigan Medicine resources. 

Device Enrollment

Enrolling in the Mobile Device Management (MDM) is only for personal mobile devices (phones/tablets), also referred to as BYO (Bring Your Own) devices. MDM is not required by Michigan Medicine, but it is necessary to access the following resources on personal equipment: 

  • Michigan Medicine Exchange email, calendar, and contacts
  • Epic mobile applications like Haiku or Canto, for MiChart on a mobile device 
  • Cisco Jabber to replicate your office phone for VOIP usage
  • PageCopy to redirect pages to your personal mobile device 
  • EPCS - Electronic Prescribing for Controlled Substances

NOTE: Do not enroll a Michigan Medicine provided CoreImage device in Mobile Device Management. 

NOTE: If you have a University-owned tablet or phone and need Mobile Device Management please work with your device support team to have it properly configured.

Device Unenrollment

Devices can be unenrolled from Mobile Device Management within the application. There are a few common scenarios in which you may need or want to unenroll your device.

Leaving Michigan Medicine

If you are leaving Michigan Medicine, or going on an unpaid leave of absence, make sure to unenroll your device from mobile device management. If you do not unenroll your device before your Michigan Medicine account is disabled you will not be able to fully remove the software from your device without resetting to factory settings. 

Replacing your Device

In the event that you are getting a new device to replace your old one make sure to unenroll from mobile device management before you back up your data. If you plan to turn your device in or give it to another person we recommend unenrolling the device and doing a factory reset to default settings.

Personal Windows and Mac computers

If you have a personal Windows or Mac computer and are working onsite and need access to the internet please use the eduroam network.

If you need access to internal resources and applications such as MiChart please use our Windows Virtual Desktop service.