File Space Access

Every Michigan Medicine employee is granted access to a personal file space at their new employee orientation. This file space is referred to as the employee's Home Directory. Access to shared file spaces are also made available in order to enable team collaboration.

Employee home directories are intended for work-related files that are personal in nature (i.e., these files will be deleted when the user leaves Michigan Medicine). Access to this file space requires the use of Michigan Medicine (Level-2) passwords for authentication.

On Microsoft Windows systems, this space is referred to as the Home Directory or "H: drive".

On Apple Computers, the home directory appears as a desktop mounted file share labeled with the employee's uniqname.

Shared Files

Files that a department or project team may need to collaborate on should be saved in the shared drives space. Shared drives are those designated with an S:\ or other drive letter in Windows environments, or labeled as "Shared1" and "Shared2" in Mac environments.