Shared File Space

HITS supports shared file storage technology to enable collaboration across projects and teams and to make it easy for faculty, staff and students to access the same files from multiple locations and computing platforms.

Michigan Medicine faculty, staff and students, depending on their role, may receive access to their unit's shared file space. This shared space supports files that a department or project team may need to collaborate on or routinely access.

Shared drives are those designated with an S:\ or other drive letter in Windows environments, or labeled as "Shared1" and "Shared2" in Mac environments.

Learn more about file space access and mapping shared drives in the knowledgebase.

Personal File Space

Files that are personal in nature should use the employee's Home Directory file space.

Learn more about the Home Directory or H Drives in the knowledgebase.

Learn more about accessing file space.

Managing Shared File Space Access

Department administrators can manage access to their unit's shared file space using the Group Management Tool.

For more information, read our knowledgebase page on group management with the IDM tool.