Adobe Connect: Web Conferencing

Adobe Connect is a web conferencing system for sharing events with remote locations. With Adobe Connect, you can host meetings and share content while communicating with a distributed team.

Benefits of Web Conferencing

Web conferencing allows meetings and presentations, often referred to as “webinars” or “online workshops,” to include participants who cannot attend in person.

The virtual rooms for these events can accommodate many needs:

  • Ability to host small meetings (10 or fewer participants) or large seminars (50 or more).
  • Pre-built meeting room options optimized for sharing content, interactive discussion between participants, or collaborating on content.
  • Interactive features, such as desktop sharing, presentations, and polling.
  • Ability to record meetings for later viewing or for creating training videos.

What Does Our Service Include?

HITS provides customer access to Adobe Connect and technical support. For small events with 10 people or fewer, users are able to set up and manage their own meetings. Larger meetings, however, must be scheduled through HITS as seminar availability is limited.

Adobe Connect uses the local configuration of the user’s computer for audio, but third-party audio conferencing options are available to associate a phone line with a meeting. HITS offers access to Premiere Global as an audio conferencing option.

To have an account set up or to get more information, please go to Get Help to see all the ways to get in touch with the HITS Service Desk.