Confluence Wiki Services

Confluence is a communication tool that allows people to share, create, edit and organize content via a web browser.

What is a Wiki?

A wiki is a website that you can author from within your web browser. In Confluence, content is added by creating pages. These pages can contain text, hyperlinks, images, video, and more. Pages are then organized into spaces, often grouped by organizational unit or topic.

Some examples of how you might use Confluence include:

  • Reviewing meeting agendas and minutes.
  • Posting how-to documentation and procedures.
  • Sharing office policies.
  • Developing employee education materials.
  • Creating an "intranet" site for your unit.

Benefits of Confluence

Confluence provides an easy-to-edit, easy-to-organize, and easy-to-search platform for sharing information.

Features of this tool:

  • Multiple people can submit content allowing for collaboration.
  • Accessibility from any web browser without the need for additional software or add-ons.
  • Connecting content pages through links for easy navigation.
  • Ability to limit access to each wiki space.
  • Macros can be added to pages for additional functionality.

What Does Our Service Include?

HITS provides customers with access to Confluence and the opportunity to manage their own spaces and content. The Service Desk can answer questions and provide troubleshooting.

To get started, go to Get Help to see all the ways to get in touch with the HITS Service Desk. .