SharePoint is a web-based platform that creates an environment in which teams across Michigan Medicine can collaborate together on various types of projects and initiatives.

Getting Started

As a multipurpose platform with a vast array of features and functions available for use, SharePoint allows for extensive customization to meet very specific objectives.

You are encouraged to watch the following video (8 minutes) for an overview of SharePoint.

SharePoint Site Request Process

Initial Planning Work Required

Any department or unit within Michigan Medicine can request a SharePoint team (collaboration) site or intranet site.

Before requesting a site, some initial planning needs to take place to define objectives the site would meet. To define objectives, departments should ask themselves:

  • What do we want a SharePoint site to support us in doing?
  • What do we want the site to help us achieve or accomplish?

As site planning begins, its critical to understand some fundamental SharePoint tenants itemized below.

  • Michigan Medicine (Level-2) Access: All users of a Michigan Medicine SharePoint site must have Michigan Medicine (Level-2) access to the Michigan Medicine network. At this time, someone with only UMICH (Level-1) access cannot be granted access to a Michigan Medicine SharePoint site.
  • ePHI / HIPAA Compliance: SharePoint sites are subject to the same data protection and compliance rules for ePHI / HIPAA data as any other electronic resource within Michigan Medicine systems and applications.
  • UMHS Branding: Sites will be provisioned with standard Michigan Medicine "look and feel" including the Michigan Medicine logo. Teams are encouraged to maintain this standard branding for their site.
  • Site Owner / Business Owner: Each site must have a designated business owner who has a Michigan Medicine management level appointment and agrees to take full responsibility for the proper use of and content residing within the SharePoint site.
  • Site Administrators: Each site must have two individuals serve as administrators; ideally one as the primary and one as the secondary or back-up. These administrators will become SharePoint "super users" for their department, so those individuals should be carefully selected for that role.

Team Sites vs. Intranet Sites: Based upon the objectives defined for the site, the request could result in either a team site or an intranet site being provisioned:

  • Team Site:
    • Its purpose will be to support collaboration among a group of individuals.
    • High percentage of content contributor users with update permission.
    • Low percentage of "read only" site users.
  • Intranet Site:
    • Its purpose will be to support the retrieval of information posted by selected individuals.
    • High percentage of "read only" site users.
    • Low percentage of users with permission to post/update content.
    • The UMHS Department of Communication will be notified of any site provisioned for intranet purposes since those sites serve to support a communications objective.

Request a SharePoint Site

To submit a request to have a SharePoint site provisioned for your department/unit, please complete a Site Request Form*

*Note: Access to the SharePoint Site Request Form is behind the firewall and requires a Michigan Medicine (Level-2) login. If you have trouble accessing this information in Chrome, please use Internet Explorer or Safari instead.

  • You may save a partially completed form and return to submit the form once complete.
  • Upon submission, HITS will begin a review the stated objectives for the site to determine the type of site requested: team or intranet.
  • Prior to site provisioning, site owners and administrators will be asked to provide agreement to the HITS SharePoint governance terms and conditions.

A site is provisioned using a site template that provides minimal features. This allows for user customization to take advantage of the extensive functionality SharePoint has to offer.

Following site provisioning, HITS will schedule a site "hand-over" meeting with the site owner and administrators:

  • Roles and responsibilities of the site owner and site administrators will be reviewed.
  • SharePoint training is not provided during the hand-over consultation, but the recommended training packages (online based) that site administrators should take will be reviewed.

How to submit a request:

a) Submit a New Request*
b) Finalize/Submit a Drafted Form or Check Submission Status: My Site Requests

*Note: Access to the SharePoint Site Request Form is behind the firewall and requires a Michigan Medicine (Level-2) login. If you have trouble accessing this information in Chrome, please use Internet Explorer or Safari instead.