Telephones & Headsets

HITS supports telephone systems throughout Michigan Medicine.

Telephone Equipment Information

Most AT&T phones are either the 3903 model or the 3904 model. The two models are very similar. The 3904 model has additional phone lines and a few additional features.

Headsets are not purchased, provided, or supported by HITS or AT&T.

For information on requesting telephone services & equipment please contact the HITS services Desk at 734-936-8000.

Telephones and Headsets Repair

For all desk phone repairs, regardless of make or model, please contact the AT&T Managed Services Help Desk at 1-800-498-4858, and select option 1.

For Cisco wireless phones, contact the HITS Service Desk at 734-936-8000 or submit a ticket.

For Sprint Urgent / Emergent phones (flip-phones), contact the HITS Service Desk at 734-936-8000.