FaxServer is an application server that sends and receives analog faxes and turns them into picture attachments. It can deliver to an email account.

What is the Faxserver?

It is a vendor (Omtool) application server. It has 96 available modem channels. It sends/receives analog faxes, and turns them into picture attachments (.tif) by default. In turn, those documents are then able to be delivered to an email account, or to a fileshare directory. The faxserver is supported 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

How Do I Get Reports?

We have the ability to create automated reports that can be emailed, or viewed via a webpage. We can schedule them to run daily, or biweekly. The report shows sender, date, quantity, and page count with corresponding totals at the bottom. These reports have helped others show the amount of work coming into their department.

Can You Help with Physical Fax Machines?

HITS does not service or troubleshoot physical fax machines. You should have information on the side of the machine, or through a department representative about who to contact for service/ maintenance. AT&T can address any phone line issues: 1-800-498-4858.