Flux: High-Performance Computing

The Flux cluster is a state-of-the-art high-performance computing service for researchers — at a reasonable price.

About Flux

Flux offers a variety of computational resources, many of which can be provisioned in less than 48 hours. It's suitable for computational problems such as computational chemistry, next-gen sequencing analysis, and statistical analysis of data containing large populations.

The Flux service offers these options:

  • Standard Memory Flux: 4 GB/core.
  • High Memory Flux: 25 GB/core.
  • GPU Flux: Tesla K20x.
  • Flux On Demand (Flux Operating Environment): Pay for what you use.

Each option comes with high-speed scratch storage for in situ data reduction, and support from HITS Research Engagement and the Advanced Research Computing group.

It doesn’t require you to buy costly hardware, or deal with support problems.

How Much Does it Cost?

Please refer to the ARC-TS website for information on costs.

Is This Service Appropriate for Sensitive Information?


Datasets containing PHI or any other sensitive information should not use this service. If you need help managing sensitive data, contact the HITS Solutions Center at 734-936-8000.