Research Computing Package

The Research Computing Package (RCP) offers computing services and data storage at no cost to Michigan Medicine faculty.

What is the Research Computing Package?

The Research Computing Package encourages faculty researchers to maximize the impact of their scholarly work through centralized, worry-free computing services and data storage. These services are offered in partnership with Advanced Research Computing – Technology Services (ARC-TS).


  • Storage - 6 TB of replicated Turbo Research Storage, a high-capacity, fast, reliable, and secure data storage service that allows researchers to connect their data to the computing resources necessary for their research, including U-M’s Flux high-performance computing (HPC) cluster.
    • Turbo supports the storage of sensitive data when mounted to a secure compute environment, such as Armis or HITS VMs for protected health information (PHI).
  • Compute - 5 core months on Flux on demand. Flux is the shared, Linux-based HPC cluster available to all researchers.
    • Flux does not support PHI, but does support other types of sensitive data.
  • As an added bonus, these services can be used between grant funding.
  • No cost to Michigan Medicine faculty
  • Renewable annually
  • More services will be added in the future
  • Daily data backups

Why choose the Research Computing Package?

All of your research data can now be managed by a team of experts so you can get to the thing you care about most: your research.

Making things simpler for researchers

Data storage and computation should be worry-free and painless. With the Research Computing Package, you have access to high-capacity, high-performance computing and data storage. The services are maintained by experts so you don’t have to waste time trying to figure out which equipment is right for you. You also don’t have to go through the costly and time-consuming process of finding someone to run the equipment or squander valuable time with data recovery. The HITS Research Engagement Team and ARC-TS handle all of that for you. Your process runs smoothly, everyone knows where things stand, and everyone can get what they need. Process the information you need, when you need it, how you need it.

Making life easier for grant administrators, too

Maximize the time you spend putting together the grant application process together. Funds can now be directed elsewhere and not wasted on data storage resources. Everything is centralized, safe, secure, and free. These resources are also available between grants.

Do your best work

The Research Computing Package streamlines research data computation and storage, alleviates stress and pressure for both faculty and administrators, is a seamless experience for everyone involved, and keeps all the information and tools you need in one place at no cost to you.