Secure Disposal of Devices

In order to protect sensitive data, it's important to work with the HITS Service Desk to properly dispose of computers and devices.

HITS will help you properly and securely dispose of computers and devices, including:

  • Desktop PCs
  • Laptops
  • Monitors
  • Printers (including all-in-one printer/copier/fax machines with hard drives)
  • University-owned smartphones
  • Servers

In order to ensure patient safety, all computer devices are wiped clean of data by our desktop staff using special tools. You should always work with the HITS Service Desk when you need to dispose of computer equipment.

How Do I Get Help?

Submit a ticket to HITS indicating you have a device you'd like to turn in.

Disposing of Removable Media

If you have removable media, such as DVDs, CDs, flash drives, or the like, used for work purposes that you want to dispose of, please submit a ServiceNow ticket or contact the HITS Service Desk in any of these three ways:

Be sure to properly sanitize these items before disposal.

Do not dispose of these smaller items in the blue or gray locked "confidential disposal" bins located around Michigan Medicine. Please follow these guidelines to see what can be discarded in these bins: Guidelines

Disposing of Telephones, Headsets & Pagers

  • For telephone disposal, contact the AT&T Managed Services Help Desk at 1-800-498-4858, option 2.
  • For headset disposal, contact U-M Property Disposition
  • For pager disposal, contact Paging Services at 734-647-4886.