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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Talent Management?

Talent Management refers to a coordinated set of activities that nurture employees to reach their full potential – including onboarding and orientation, learning, personal skills and growth, professional development, performance management, succession planning, and more.

What is Cornerstone?

Cornerstone is the talent management platform for Michigan Medicine.  Cornerstone Learning will replace M-Learning in July 2022.  Performance Management, Succession Planning, Career Planning  and other talent management modules will be implemented over the next few years

Is Cornerstone coming just to Michigan Medicine, or all of U-M?

Only Michigan Medicine is implementing the Cornerstone Talent Management Platform. The Ann Arbor, Dearborn, and Flint campuses will continue using their current systems. The My LINC learning management system is not being replaced and is still being used for campus-wide training. 

What is the implementation timeline for the Cornerstone Talent Management Platform?

Cornerstone Learning is the first module to be implemented in July 2022.  It is estimated that it will take several years to implement the entire Cornerstone Talent Management suite.

Cornerstone Learning

How much of my MLearning completed learning history will be moved into Cornerstone Learning?

All of your current MLearning records will be brought into Cornerstone Learning and will be available to you in the new system starting July 18, 2022.

Will I need to re-register for instructor-led training in which I'm currently enrolled?

No, any instructor led training that you are enrolled for in MLearning will retain your registration in Cornerstone Learning.

If I'm actively engaged with an eLearning course in MLearning, will my progress be saved?

No, eLearning courses that are in-progress in MLearning prior to moving to Cornerstone Learning will not retain their progress and you will need to re-start in Cornerstone Learning.

Will courses that I complete in LinkedIn Learning show on my Cornerstone Learning transcript?

Yes, once Cornerstone learning is live, you can launch and complete the LinkedIn Learning module in Cornerstone Learning or in LinkedIn Learning (using your umich credentials), and your Cornerstone Learning transcript will show your completion.

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MLearning Production Freeze and Blackout Periods

Please plan ahead to avoid issues later on!


What’s happening?

The HITS Learning Management team is planning a phased production freeze and system blackout in conjunction with the switchover from MLearning to Cornerstone Learning.

This is necessary to stabilize the existing system to prepare for data migration, and to enable the team to focus on the switch.

If you think you may need new, or changes to existing learning activities, please plan ahead to avoid the upcoming freeze/blackout period.

September 1–October 11, 2022 – "Soft" Freeze  

During this period:

  • We'll be limiting the creation of new (or modifications to existing) certifications and prescriptive rules.
  • A business case will be required for all requests, so we can determine if each can be fulfilled in MLearning, or should be deferred until after Cornerstone Learning goes live. 
  • We’ll continue to accept requests for new courses and offerings during the soft freeze, but processing may be delayed. 
  • Learner activity will continue as normal.

October 12–November 11, 2022 – “Hard” Freeze

  • No requests for new (or modifications to existing) certifications, prescriptive rules, courses, or offerings will be processed or fulfilled until after Cornerstone Learning goes live. 
  • Learner activity will continue as normal, with the exception of the system Blackout period (tentatively scheduled for November 3-7).

November 3-7, 2022 – Blackout (Tentative)

  • During this period, access to learner activities (e-learning and training registration) will be unavailable, and no production changes will be possible.

November 8, 2022 and beyond – Go-Live and Stabilization Period

  • Learner activities will be available in the new system (Cornerstone Learning). 
  • The Learning Management team will resume accepting requests for new or modified learning objects - however, fulfillment may be delayed for a short time while the new system is stabilized, and while the team works to process previous requests.

Need help?

Contact the Cornerstone Project Team.