Curriculum Design & Technology

Learning Design & Delivery (LDD) can advise faculty on ways to use technology to present content so our students gain knowledge and skills through a variety of learning methods. We can create tools for technology-enabled learning, such as digital presentations, videos, mobile applications, e-books and assessment tools.

Curriculum Content Design & Development

LDD will help faculty develop education plans and innovate new approaches to the delivery of your traditional and non-traditional learning materials, including massive open online courses (MOOCs). Whether you know what you want, or just need some help getting started, we have resources and services to support your teaching and curriculum.

  • Review and provide feedback on current courses
  • Design and redesign teaching units
  • Evaluate curriculum changes
  • Provide copyright clearance
  • Assist with HIPAA compliance

Instructional Design & Technology

LDD can create or consult with faculty on technology-enabled instructional design for digital, flipped classroom, massive, mobile, and residential learning environments. We understand teaching and learning, and have developed a process that takes into account the requirements, audience, goals, resources, and your timeline.

  • Consult on course design and presentation
  • Conduct a needs assessment for your course
  • Assist in curriculum development
  • Provide evaluation and testing support

Formative Assessment & Pedagogy Tools

Staff in LDD have postgraduate degrees in education and many years of experience working with medical students to help you achieve the best possible outcome for your learners. We can assist with many aspects of formative assessment and the deployment of pedagogical tools.
We can help you develop and test practice quizzes and exams. We continuously and strategically review, update, and enhance what and how we teach our students and other learners.

  • Assist with the design and development of quizzes and exams
  • Provide advice on software for assessment and pedagogy
  • Review materials for pedagogical effectiveness

How Do I Get Started?

Access an array of "self-service" resources designed to help you and your teams develop and manage training activities in your unit.