WiFi & Networks

Information on network cables and the different wireless networks available.

Wired Networks

From Your Desk
Most computer workstations are connected via a network cable that runs from the computer to a network port in the wall. At Michigan Medicine sites, this wired connection automatically provides access to the health system networks. Laptops may also be connected via a cable, or they may connect to one of our wireless networks. See the Wireless Networks section below for more details.

Wireless Networks

There are multiple wireless networks available within Michigan Medicine hospital complex that make it easy for faculty, staff, students, patients and visitors to get to the information they need.

Four wireless network options (SSIDs) are available to mobile computing devices: UMHS 8021X, MWireless UMHS, MFleet and MGuest UMHS and each of these networks has been designated for a specific purpose as outlined below.

UMHS 8021X


For: Employees accessing Michigan Medicine systems, shared drives, data, and printers using personal devices

Access: Enables access to protected health information (PHI) and clinical systems and applications like MiChart Haiku (for mobile phones) and MiChart Canto (for iPad).

Security: Requires installation of Intelligent Hub, which requires your uniqname and Michigan Medicine (Level-2) password for network access. 



For: The MFleet wireless network is only available to CoreMac and CoreImage workstations and fully managed iOS devices and provides access to Michigan Medicine internal resources, similar to the UMHS 8021X wireless network.

Access: Enables access to protected health information (PHI) and clinical systems and applications like MiChart Haiku (for mobile phones) and MiChart Canto (for iPad).

Security: Since the connection to the network is configured through the managed device, no authentication is needed.


Blue Lock

For: Michigan Medicine and U-M campus faculty, staff, students, sponsored users, and some alumni who are using personal devices for work and/or personal use. MWireless is only available in medical research buildings.

Access: Enables access to the internet. Use this wireless network to access U-M resources like Google apps and Wolverine Access as well as your Michigan Medicine email (through Outlook on the web). It does not provide access to most other Michigan Medicine resources unless using a virtual private network (VPN) software client.

Security: Requires your uniqname and UMICH (Level-1) password.



For: Patients, patient families, and visitors on their wireless-enabled devices. Not to be used by Michigan Medicine employees.

Access: Enables access to the Internet. No access to Michigan Medicine resources and data except those publicly available. 

Security: Must "Accept" a Michigan Medicine security disclaimer acknowledging that MGuest-UMHS is an unsecured, unencrypted wireless network.