M365 Benefits

Benefits: What are the major benefits of using Microsoft 365 (M365)?

  • Simple: M365 provides a streamlined, interlocking set of “everyday” business tools that let you spend less time switching back-and-forth between different programs and platforms – and more time getting things done.
  • Unified. In M365, all major business tools – document creation (text, spreadsheets, presentations), document storage and sharing, email, messaging, calendar, meetings, and video – are custom-designed to work, and work well, together.
  • Convenient. All major M365 features come together in a single, “home” screen (Microsoft Teams) that you can customize, so all the tools you use regularly are easy to find and access. Simply sign in, and everything is right there on one screen!
  • Collaborative. M365 provides opportunities to collaborate with (one or many) colleagues within Michigan Medicine, and beyond – live, in real time, enabling you to work together in shared documents that live in the cloud. 
  • Secure. M365 features up-to-date security to keep your data, and your team, safe from cyber threats. Permissions and sharing options give you the ability to communicate and collaborate more securely.
  • Customizable. Each users’ M365 and “Teams” experience is customizable – providing the ability to focus on the information and tools you find most useful; and making feeds, alerts, and notifications work for you.
  • Available. Since M365 documents live “in the cloud” – they’re available anywhere, anytime, eliminating issues with multiple versions, and providing a single, reliable source of truth.
  • Up-to-date: The latest tools, features, and security are “built in” to M365 – and new updates happen regularly (and silently) in the background, so you’ll always have access to the latest and best!
  • Seamless
    • When logged into M365, you can begin working in a document on a computer, continue on a tablet or smartphone, then switch to another device. M365 captures any updates and “remembers” where you left off.
    • M365 works virtually the same on Windows, Mac, and other computers; all major smartphone platforms (iOS, Android, etc.); and whether using Microsoft software, or a web browser.