Two Michigan Medicine employees at Pride Fest

Michigan Medicine named one of America's best employers for diversity


Michigan Medicine was named one of the country’s top employers for diversity by Forbes.

ALERT: Avoid IE until vulnerability is patched


The information below was sent to U-M IT staff groups in email January 20, 2010. It is intended for U-M IT staff who are responsible for university machines that have Microsoft Internet Explorer installed, as well as individuals who have IE on their own devices.

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Andrew Rosenberg, MD

Pragmatic innovation: CIO Dr. Andrew Rosenberg's approach to new tech investment


Innovation in healthcare often requires a technology component and significant cultural change. As a result, it's not always possible on a tight timeline.

ADVISORY: Update Windows for vulnerability


The information below was sent via email to U-M IT staff groups January 14, 2020. It is intended for U-M IT staff who are responsible for university devices running Windows. It may also be of interest to individuals with Windows on their personal devices.


HITS is making it easier for customers to get IT support in 2020


​HITS has released chat support and Help Me Now scheduling on the Service Portal.

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ALERT: Update Firefox ASAP for critical vulnerability


The information below was sent to U-M IT staff groups January 9, 2020. It is intended for U-M IT staff who are responsible for university devices with Mozilla Firefox installed. It will also be of interest to individuals who have Firefox installed on their own devices.

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Outlook Address Book Changes


Starting Wednesday, January 15, to Wednesday, January 22, the ability to search MCommunity from the Michigan Medicine Outlook client address book on PC devices will be removed. This is to mitigate an identified security risk. MCommunity will still be an available web resource.

Signup to pilot the new cybersecurity eLearning module.


​​Information Assurance wants your input on a new cybersecurity eLearning module that will be released early next year.


“Help Me Now” Hours for 2019-20 Holiday Season


During the upcoming year-end holiday season, "Help Me Now" will observe the following schedule:

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Cyber Safety-Review in 2: A Gift of Knowledge


It’s been a successful first 12 months of cyber safety topics; from tax fraud, encryption, traveling with technology, to phishing and password safety.  We’ve given a breakfast basket from Great Harvest Bread Company to 11 quiz winners this year and over 50 swag boxes during October’s Cyber Awareness Month.


NOTICE: You are likely to see privacy notice updates as the CCPA takes effect


The information below was sent to the IT Security Community and Frontline Notify group via email on November 22, 2019.

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"Own Your Upgrade!" Self-serve Windows Upgrades: Nov. 2019 – March 2020


Between mid-November 2019 and late-March 2020, some (but not all) Windows users will see a "pop-up," asking them to download and install a required software upgrade. 

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man standing in front of a HDAA poster

Michigan Medicine hosts 400 data and analytics practitioners at 2019 HDAA Conference


During the week of October 21, 2019, healthcare data and analytics practitioners from across the U.S. and Canada descended upon Ann Arbor to participate in the annual conference of the Healthcare Data & Analytics Association (HDAA)—hosted by Michigan Medicine. The theme of this year’s conference was The Art of Data & Analytics.

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Researcher in U-M branded eye protection

Building research IT services and partnerships


The relationship between research and IT is complex. Erin Dietrich, HITS senior director, and her team are on a mission to strengthen the relationship between researchers and HITS, improve the customer experience, and raise awareness of IT services.

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Remote email access is changing on November 21


Due to an increased threat of phishing attacks targeted at Michigan Medicine, remote access to email will change on November 21.

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Free password manager service now available


Michigan Medicine employees and students are required to use passwords to access various applications and business systems in their daily work. Because it can be difficult to keep track of multiple passwords, some people choose a simple password they can remember (e.g., their date of birth, a pet’s name, or another easily discovered piece of personal information), keep an insecure record of their passwords (e.g., written on a Post-it next to their computer), or reuse the same password across multiple accounts.


Cyber Safety - Review in 2: Practicing Safe Internet Habits


How did we survive before the internet? With all the advantages the internet provides, it also introduces risks such as: computer viruses, websites with malicious intentions, increased visibility of our personal information, and more.

Programmers at work concept using devops software development practices - vector illustration

HITS deploys first containerized application to a live production Kubernetes cluster


DevOps is a set of practices that automates the processes between software development and operation teams that historically functioned in relative silos. The HITS DevOps team will provide a new service aligning with these practices. 

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A girl is in a hospital. She is getting ready to have a checkup. She is holding a teddy bear for comfort. Her doctor is trying to relax her.

App helps connect Michigan providers with U-M mental health experts


Michigan, like most of the country, is in desperate need of more child psychiatrists. More than 100,000 Michigan children have been diagnosed with depression, anxiety, or ADHD. Yet, fewer than 250 psychiatrists are trained to treat children in the state. The shortage means pediatricians and other primary care providers often end up treating adolescent mental health issues.


Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Learn about the dangers of phishing for a chance to win prizes.


Phishing is a fraudulent practice of sending emails that portray reputable companies or people in order to encourage individuals to reveal personal information or to infect your computer with viruses.


MiChart upgrade a success


The latest system upgrade for MiChart, Michigan Medicine's electronic health record, was successfully completed at 4:33 a.m. on Sunday, October 20.  The most notable enhancement for every MiChart user is the Storyboard, a redesigned workspace for users that replaces the Patient Header and provides quicker access to key details and common actions without switching screens. 


Visit the MiChart 2019 Upgrade webpage where additional updates will continue to be posted.  Those who have not completed their eLearning should do so within the MLearning portal. To access the Upgrade Tip Sheets, visit the Upgrade Training Resources webpage.


Many thanks to all teams who contributed to making the Go-Live a success.

Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Learn about physical security for your chance to win prizes!


Can you beat this week’s Cybersecurity game? See if you can spot all of the security risks on this employee’s desk. 10 people who complete the game will be randomly selected to win a swag box! Submit contest answers to


MiChart upgrade is this Sunday, October 20, 2019


This Sunday, October 20, is the next upgrade for MiChart, the electronic health system for Michigan Medicine.

Nadine Korc

Saluting Service: Long-time Michigan Medicine employees share secrets to their success


Later this month, Michigan Medicine will honor its most dedicated employees — those who have been with the organization for 45, 40 and 30 years. Headlines interviewed Nadine Korc, HITS IT customer relationship manager, who is celebrating 45 years with Michigan Medicine. She said the most satisfying thing about her career has been the diverse opportunities and experiences.

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Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Spot the risks for a chance to win prizes!


Can you solve this week’s Cybersecurity game? See if you can spot all of the security risks on this employee’s desk. The first 10 people to complete the game win a swag box! Submit contest answers to