AirWatch is now “Intelligent Hub”


AirWatch, the mobile device management (MDM) solution provided by Michigan Medicine to protect mobile devices that connect to secure resources, has a new name: “Intelligent Hub.”

VMWare, the company that supplies this tool, is making the switch to reflect corporate branding changes. There is no change to the features and services which include:

  • Access to Michigan Medicine exclusive networks such as the UMHS-8021X WiFi.

  • Automatic configuration for Outlook/Exchange emails and calendars.

  • Access to MiChart mobile apps, Haiku/Canto, on a smartphone or tablet.

As the name modification takes effect and the application updates to the latest version, Michigan Medicine mobile device and CoreMac users will likely see the new logo and name on their mobile devices. The icon on your mobile device will change from "Agent" to "Hub."

Over the coming weeks, HITS will be updating our websites, Knowledgebase  documents, and enrollment instructions to reflect the new Intelligent Hub brand name. Until then, if you have any questions about mobile device management, please contact the HITS Service Desk.

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