Callback feature added to HITS Service Desk phone queue


To increase customer satisfaction and decrease wait time and abandoned calls, the HITS Service Desk has introduced an automated callback feature on their General Issues telephone queue. Those who call 936-8000 (Option 3, 3) and are on hold for more than three and a half minutes, will be able to leave a callback number if they choose.

Every caller to the HITS Service Desk wants a quick, quality resolution to an issue or request.  The Service Desk strives every day to deliver great service in a timely fashion, but sometimes falls short of this goal.  Starting September 25, the HITS Service Desk hopes to minimize the pain of long wait times should they occur.

Now callers who select the General Issues queue on 936-8000 (Option 3, 3), and are on hold for 3.5 minutes, will hear the following announcement:

Sorry about the delay in answering your call. If you would like, we can keep your place in line and call you back when an agent becomes available. If you would like to receive a callback, please press 1 now. Otherwise, just remain on the line for the next available agent.

Callers who choose to leave a callback number may then terminate the call. The Michigan Medicine Automated Call Distribution system (Aspect) will maintain the caller's position in the queue until an agent becomes available, at which time the system will automatically call the customer back. This new feature will decrease abandoned calls and increase customer satisfaction when call volumes create long wait times.

If you have any questions about this new callback feature, please let the HITS Service Desk know

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