Have IT questions related to your research? Learn how HITS Academic IT can help


Did you know HITS’ Academic IT is focused solely on IT solutions for Michigan Medicine’s research and education missions? Join us on Zoom September 7 or October 12 (dates updated to honor pause month!) to learn about how we can help to advance your research.

Join us on Zoom: September 7 from 9-11am; and October 12 at 1-3pm

Format: Brief team introductions and Q&A:

  • Engagement – liaisons to help you navigate and leverage Michigan Medicine’s IT resources
  • Integrations – data services, integration and automation support
  • Devices and Computing – research devices and high-performance computing
  • Applications – manage and support applications
  • Scientific programming and innovation – custom programming
  • DevOps – application deployment, management, and automation

Have questions? Please contact John Herlocher: Johnpher@umich.edu

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