HITS improves how MiChart displays on Windows 10 CoreImage laptops


HITS continues to work on adapting the screen resolution on new laptop monitors so that MiChart and other applications display properly.

UPDATE October 8, 2018:

Plans to roll out a new display of MiChart in a larger format are being rolled back due to functionality issues identified with some MiChart workflows. The customization was intended to ensure that a full page would be visible on the screen with larger, easier to read font size. While we realize the font may be small, HITS is investigating other vendor-supported options that may provide display improvements in the future. 

As part of the migration to Windows 10, Health Information Technology & Services (HITS) has been equipping Michigan Medicine in several instances with new laptops. The hardware upgrade includes an ergonomic enhancement as the monitors have higher resolution.

While the functionality of nearly all applications is significantly improved, there have been some issues noted with how MiChart displays on the monitors of some new CoreImage laptop models.

Epic Systems introduced a new resolution standard for how its electronic health record, MiChart, must display on a computer screen.

In order to accommodate all of the data of a MiChart page on a screen, Epic “scaled down” the display parameters of the application. This results in good clarity of every detail, but the images and font size is smaller and may be difficult for some to read.

HITS is working to adapt the application and “scale it up” to function properly with the newer technology of Windows 10 and the higher resolution hardware. This customization will ensure that a full page is visible on the screen with larger, easier to read font size — but it may result in a slightly less crisp image — similar to what happens to a photograph or graphic image when it is enlarged.

HITS will soon be deploying a solution whereby users will be able to customize and adjust the scaling to their preference on Standard mode devices. Kiosk machines will not have this customization flexibility, but, given their uniformity, HITS will be able to standardize the display to be both ergonomically and functionally appropriate for all users.

Watch for more information as the organization upgrades to Windows 10.

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