"How Can We Help?" HITS Service Portal Offers Hundreds of Convenient Self-Service Options


HITS now offers hundreds of online, self-service options that empower members of the Michigan Medicine community to initiate many common IT product and service requests directly – enabling users to “skip the wait,” and ensuring better, faster service by prompting the collection of more complete information whenever a request is initiated.

By visiting the HITS Service Portal (help.medicine.umich.edu), and selecting ‘Request Something,” users can browse a catalog of options, including:

  • Accounts and Access – Step-by-step instructions for resetting Michigan Medicine (Level-2) passwords, requesting a Level-2 account, or requesting changes to workstation administrator settings.

  • Can We Help You? – Includes nearly 20 different of options for reporting issues and submitting requests – including modifying network printer settings,

  • Education and Training – Request education and training services, including those for MiChart, UME/GME, anti-phishing campaigns, and general MLearning requests.

  • General Compute Devices – Provides information and ordering instructions for more than 50 different commonly requested computers, hardware, and other devices.

  • Information Assurance – This section currently includes a form used to initiate SentinelOne exclusion requests – and more will be coming soon.

  • MiChart – Ambulatory – Allows clinicians to initiate MiChart enhancements to referral requests, portal questionnaires, clinical documentation and SmartTools requests, Pool Requests, and Cadence Template builds.

  • Research – Provides assistance for setting up an Electronic Research Notebook (ERN), or requesting a Research Computing Package.

  • Software – Items in this section enable eligible users to search for, and initiate requests to download, more than 200 popular software items – including

    • Multiple tools from Adobe, Apple, and Microsoft
    • Networking and videoconferencing tools such as Cisco AnyConnect and BlueJeans
    • Database tools such as Filemaker and Oracle
    • Clinical applications, including many from Epic (MiChart)
    • Home-grown software and applications such as “RadOnc WebApps”

The growing list of self-service options is just one part of HITS’ broader effort to make IT-related products and services easier for customers to find and use. Future planned additions include options that will enable customers to request pagers, loaner devices, and more.

“Our customer feedback demonstrates that while people appreciate having support agents available to help with more complex questions or difficult problems, for many routine tasks, they often prefer to do it themselves - so we want to make sure that is an option,” says HITS Senior Director for Service Management, Michael Warden.  

“As people become more familiar with and comfortable using modern sites and apps, they’re also becoming more accustomed to shopping, purchasing, and requesting items online, any time they wish. We’ve designed the “Request Something” feature on the HITS Service Portal to provide a comparable level of access and convenience - all available from the device you carry in your pocket.”

As always, Health Information Technology & Services (HITS) offers three convenient ways to get help:

Services & Support