IA Notice: International robocall scam targeting Chinese visitors and immigrants

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People across the country, including members of the university community, are receiving scam robocalls in Mandarin. 

These robocalls are a form of "vishing" or voice phishing. 

The caller typically claims to be from the Chinese Embassy or Consulate. In some cases, the recipient is warned they are in trouble with Chinese authorities or the police; in other cases, they are told they need to pick up a document or package. Those who follow the robocall prompts are eventually asked for money.

This is a phone scam that has been moving through major metropolitan areas in the U.S. for months. It typically targets areas with large Chinese populations. The caller is not from the Chinese Embassy or Consulate. The caller is a scammer trying to trick you into sending money.

If you get one of these calls, just hang up. If you wish, you can also report the call to the Federal Trade Commission using the FTC Complaint Assistant.

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