Kudos! 'Making a Difference' award recipients (January 2018)


​As part of the Employee Recognition Program, Michigan Medicine has a long history of recognizing employee contributions and honoring employee achievements. The recognition program receives approximately 13,000 submissions per year, including many HITS staff members.

Nearly 40 HITS staff members received this award in January (including one in November and one in December):

  • Alice Stanulis
  • Andy Stevens
  • Anthony Barden
  • Ben Crissman
  • Brandon Boucher
  • Brianna Sopko
  • Candice Barnes-Jones
  • Charles Cooper
  • Christopher Noyed
  • Cybill Starr 
  • David Crippen
  • Denise Roth
  • Earl Glenn 
  • Edward Sharp
  • Erik Wall
  • Ethan Harris
  • Gillian Mayman
  • Hong Da
  • Husnu Kaplan 
  • James Kotsones
  • John Presdorf
  • Jonathan Johnson
  • Kathleen Jennings
  • Kenneth Hill
  • Kevin Branham
  • Kevin Woodland
  • Leslie Smith
  • Lisa Kahl
  • Marty Kosla
  • Mary Pode
  • Michael Kish
  • Michelle Geerlings
  • Raul Escobar
  • Scott Howard
  • Sean Klein
  • Sharon Vargo
  • Shawn Chapman
  • Tim White

Patients, their families, visitors, and staff can recognize employee contributions through the Making a Difference award. Just go online or use one of the paper nomination forms available in clinics or departments. Awardees receive a pin, a Making a Difference certificate, and are invited to a special awards reception.