MiChart upgrade is Saturday, October 27


The upgrade to Epic’s version 2018 for MiChart, Michigan Medicine’s Electronic Health Record, is scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 27, beginning at 1:30 a.m.

Lockdown prior to downtime:

The MiChart system will be locked down beginning Friday, October 19 at  5 p.m., causing the following workflow limitations:

  • Filters cannot be edited or applied in Chart Review, Charge Review, and Billing Work queues.
  • SmartLinks and SmartPhrases cannot be created or edited.
  • Dashboards cannot be personalized.
  • Notewriter Macros cannot be created, edited or shared.
  • Notes activity cannot be moved to a floating window (or sidebar), nor can you set other note preferences.
  • Quick Actions cannot be created or edited.
  • Pools in the ‘Pools and People I Manage’ activity cannot be updated.

For more information, see the tip sheet: Workflow Limitations: Transparent Upgrade Lockdown

During the downtime

MiChart users will not have any access to MiChart applications or interfaces during the downtime. Users can access the System Read Only (SRO) environment during the downtime window. 

  • Users will see pop-up messages beginning 30 minutes prior to the scheduled downtime alerting them that the system is going down.
  • MiChart users may use their standard login process to log into the Read Only environment at 11:50 p.m.
  • MiChart users are required to use established manual downtime procedures during the outage. Please refer to the Downtime Procedures page of the MiChart website for Ambulatory, ED, and Inpatient downtime procedures, or follow your department’s established downtime procedures.
  • After the downtime is complete, the Service Desk will send a system restored or “Downtime complete” message, and a pop-up message will display indicating users need to log out of the Read Only environment within the next five minutes, before being forced out.

Changes and updates will be posted to the MiChart 2018 Upgrade webpage

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