NAC - We did it!


HITS has achieved an impressive milestone that brings us one step closer to an enterprisewide, connected device inventory. A large portion of our organization contributed to moving 100% of our Michigan Medicine network to a heightened level of security through Network Admission Control or "NAC."

95,000+ devices were identified and categorized as belonging to a dedicated service provider. The cross-team efforts required unique technology deployment, careful review, and in some cases, architectural change. 

Linking all devices to specific service provider and identifying their location has been the objective of the Enterprise Connected Inventory Management Project and Wired NAC initiative endorsed by the EVPMA. The 2-year undertaking ensures that all connected devices are inventoried, have an aligned service provider, and have the information assurance to protect two-way communication and information exchange. This positions us well for the upcoming audit in March.

The overall goal of the Inventory Project has been to establish a common model of device governance and service provider coordination. Devices that follow policy governance and meet the use requirements can access the privileged networks. See the HITS Inventory Management and NAC website page for more – thank you and congratulations to all who supported this endeavor!

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