New HITS 30-day network policy

ethernet cable

If your device goes off the Michigan Medicine network for an extended period of time - vacation, maternity leave, medical leave, e.g. - and does not run maintenance, it will not be kept up-to-date, and it could be vulnerable to security risks.

Effective August 16, 2018, HITS will be implementing a policy which will block a device from accessing the Michigan Medicine network if it has been off the network and not run maintenance for updates for thirty days or more.

Connecting to the network is a two-way communication process, so not only is your data at risk, but malware can be introduced to the entire Michigan Medicine network if the operating system or applications on your device are not kept up-to-date.  

For more information on what you can do before you leave for an extended period of time and tips on how to keep your devices healthy while you are away, see the Headlines article: 
Going Off and Getting Back on the Network

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