Now Available! Schedule your Zoom Meetings in Outlook


Health Information Technology and Services (HITS) is excited to share that the most requested Zoom for Health feature is now available: the ability to schedule Zoom meetings directly in Outlook. 


Zoom Plug-in for Outlook makes meeting scheduling easier

Download the Outlook plug-in, not the add-in.

Core Image users should see the Zoom icon appear in their calendar along the top ribbon, with the option to start or schedule a Zoom meeting, as well as schedule a meeting for others. Watch this video to learn how to schedule a Zoom meeting in Outlook. 

The Zoom Outlook plug-in will be pushed to Core Image Windows workstations the week of June 22. Core Macs and users on personal machines can independently download the Outlook plug-in at Note that Zoom has two options, a plug-in and an add-in. Michigan Medicine users should select the plug-in to be compatible with Microsoft Exchange. The add-in is for use with Microsoft 365. While Zoom’s website states that support will eventually cease for the plug-in, that date continues to be pushed back. HITS will continue monitoring the situation.

“We’re thrilled to help Michigan Medicine users streamline their work,” said Michael Warden, senior director of HITS Business IT. “Responding to customer demand wherever possible is a HITS priority, as is continually improving the tools we provide to better serve our customers.”  

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