Offboarding 101: don’t lose your team’s data when someone leaves Michigan Medicine


Protect your team’s hard work. Incorporate these offboarding practices for a secure and seamless transition.

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When a colleague leaves U-M, managers can avoid technology headaches and time-consuming records requests by taking the following steps before a teammate’s last day.

    1. Remind departing employees remove Intune from personal devices via the Company Portal app before their Michigan Medicine account is deactivated. 
    2. Ensure all important files and data are saved or moved to a shared space. Whether your team stores and collaborates on their work in Michigan Medicine’s Microsoft 365, U-M Dropbox, or U-M Google Drive, shared spaces are tied to our institution and avoid the risk of document deletion or the need for records requests. Examples: 
      • When an employee leaves Michigan Medicine, their account and OneDrive are deleted. All academic or institutional data should be saved to the team’s SharePoint site. 
      • Google Drive files owned by former employees are deleted after 90 days, including files that are shared with current U-M employees.

Explore the Leaving Michigan Medicine Guide and Leaving U-M Guide for detailed insights.

Important reminders:
    • Make it a habit to store project data in shared spaces
      • Use shared spaces like Microsoft SharePoint sites, Dropbox team folders, or Google shared folders for project and team files. This keeps data secure and accessible, even when someone leaves. 
    • Clarify data ownership
    • Ensure Michigan Medicine computers and other technology are turned in to HITS.

It’s easy to play our part in seamless offboarding and collectively safeguarding U-M’s data. Learn more from HITS about secure spaces to save U-M data, accessible from any device.