"Own Your Upgrade!" Self-serve Windows Upgrades: Nov. 2019 – March 2020


Between mid-November 2019 and late-March 2020, some (but not all) Windows users will see a "pop-up," asking them to download and install a required software upgrade. 

  • Microsoft has a new Windows upgrade cycle that features more frequent, but less disruptive upgrades. 
  • These upgrades are required to maintain security, enable enhanced capabilities, and keep Windows devices running smoothly.
  • Many Windows users will see periodic “pop-up” notifications (1-2x/year), requesting them to accept an upgrade by a specific deadline.
  • Other Windows users (including those who use "Flex" devices) will not see pop-up requests, and will not be required to upgrade by a specific date.
  • If you receive a pop-up upgrade request, you can "Own Your Upgrade" by choosing to upgrade immediately, or delay to pick a time that works better for you.
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