Printer default settings changed from color to black & white


On June 27, Health Information Technology & Services (HITS) made a seamless change to the default printer settings on all Windows devices that print to the Xerox multifunction printers used throughout Michigan Medicine. The settings were changed to print in black and white by default, rather than in color.

The update was made after receiving requests from departments and units throughout Michigan Medicine to identify ways to become more cost-efficient. Units or departments are currently billed individually for printing services according to the number of pages printed. This update represents a significant cost savings for all units and departments utilizing these printers. 

Users will still be able to change the settings on their own workstations to print in color if needed. Once a user makes a manual change to print in color, that setting will remain in place until the user changes it back to black and white.

Note: Mac devices including CoreMacs were not impacted by the global change.

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