Signup to pilot the new cybersecurity eLearning module.


​​Information Assurance wants your input on a new cybersecurity eLearning module that will be released early next year.

As Michigan Medicine faces a growing number of cybersecurity threats, Information Assurance is creating new eLearning modules to educate and prepare our employees. While other eLearning modules may have briefly covered certain aspects of cybersecurity, these new modules will provide a complete overview of preventing cybercrime both digitally and physically.

HITS encourages you to provide input by testing these new modules in an upcoming pilot program. Participants will be sent test modules to complete and will provide feedback on the content. Each of the modules should take around 5-7 minutes to complete.

Participants can select one or more of the modules they wish to test:

  • Module 1 pilot will be early 2020
  • Module 2 pilot will be Spring 2020
  • Module 3 pilot will be Summer 2020

You can sign-up for the pilot program by filling out this form. You will be sent a reminder email 10 days prior to the launch of the module.

Thank you for your help in keeping the Michigan Medicine Community safe.