U-M IT standards information session


To help begin planning for how units will implement the approved IT standards that support Information Security (SPG 601.27), all interested persons are encouraged to attend the first in a series of sessions hosted by Information Assurance (IA) focusing on specific standards.


The information security standards session canceled last week due to extreme cold has been rescheduled for Friday, February 22, 1:30–3:30 p.m.. Those of you who registered should have already received an updated calendar invitation.

Implementing the Information Security Standards Session

Each session will include:

  • A brief overview of the standard
  • Discussion time so you can ask for clarification; present unit-specific issues, concerns, or hypotheticals
  • Feedback time so you can provide feedback on the standard and its implementation.

Please Register If You Will Attend

You can attend in person or remotely via BlueJeans. Please register in advance at Sign Up: Media Sanitization & Vulnerability Management 1/31/19. IA staff will be monitoring BlueJeans during the session so we can respond to any questions or comments submitted there.  

Who Should Attend

Please share this email with anyone in your unit who might find it helpful to attend, including:

  • Staff with specific responsibility related to a specific standard (for example, someone responsible for patching systems should attend the vulnerability management session; someone responsible for computer and other device disposal should attend the media sanitization session)
  • IT staff with multiple responsibilities across multiple standards
  • IT managers, directors, department heads, or other administrators interested in learning more about unit implementation of the standards
  • Any interested staff or faculty member

If you would like to be included in a standard-specific email group for follow-up communications, additional information sharing, new resources, and tips—essentially an online community of practice—you will have an opportunity to sign up for this at the session, or you can send email to info-assurance@umich.edu letting us know which standard-specific email group or groups you’d like to be added to.

Session 2 Will Be in March

We are working now to schedule the next standards session in March. It will cover Disaster Recovery Planning and Data Backup for Information Systems and Services (DS-12) and Information Security Risk Management (DS-13).

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