Outlook in the Cloud & Mobile Device Management Migration

Need help updating your mobile device to access Outlook?

To use a personally-owned mobile device (i.e. phone or tablet) to access your Michigan Medicine Outlook account and/or other Level-2 resources, you'll need to uninstall Intelligent Hub (If enabled) and enroll in Microsoft Intune to resume access.

About Microsoft Intune

What is Intune mobile device management (MDM)? What does it monitor?

Intune is Microsoft’s mobile device management (MDM) software.

MDM is used to enforce encryption and manages other compliance settings on personal mobile devices that connect to secure Michigan Medicine resources. 

Intune monitors things like your device model (e.g., Google Pixel), device manufacturer (e.g., Microsoft), and operating system (e.g., iOS 12.0.1). It does not track calling and web browser history, email and text messages, contacts, calendar, passwords, photos, or files.

Why do I need Intune?

AFTER YOUR OUTLOOK ACCOUNT IS UPGRADED, you'll need Microsoft Intune installed if you wish to use a personally-owned mobile device (i.e. phone or tablet) to:

  • Access the Michigan Medicine internal secure Wi-Fi network (MFleet).
  • Have the Outlook mobile app be automatically installed and configured to connect to Exchange Online, part of Microsoft 365
  • Access Microsoft Office 365 suite of mobile applications
  • Access Epic mobile apps, Haiku/Canto, to utilize MiChart and Secure Chat on the go.
  • Use the Self-service Portal to unenroll device(s) or manage access in case of theft, loss, or a forgotten password.
  • Ensure your mobile device conforms to Michigan Medicine's security and compliance policies
  • Access the Medical School Library of free enterprise licensed applications 
  • Automatically receive other productivity applications like Duo, Jabber, VPN, and Zoom

Without Intune, what are some other ways I can access Outlook and other resources?

AFTER YOUR OUTLOOK ACCOUNT IS UPGRADED, you can access your Outlook account from any browser, on any device, by visiting office.com – just select "Work or School Account," and sign in with your "@med" email address and Michigan Medicine (Level-2) password.

Other ways you can access needed resources: 

  • Eduroam WiFi(Available using Level-1 UMICH email and password) Wi-Fi that is NOT "Guest," works on all Michigan Educational campuses and buildings, and at hundreds of other locations throughout the World.
  • Michigan Medicine Clinical Homepage: Offers access to Paging, MCommunity, commonly used departmental links, MiChart, Outlook, VA, AND shortcuts to other virtual resources.
  • Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD). Offers remote, authorized workers access to key Michigan Medicine online resources (including MiChart) from any device or browser without the need for a VPN.