Fall MiChart System Upgrade 2022

This will be the last planned upgrade for 2022 with a goal to introduce new features, limit impact to the organization, and maintain regulatory requirements. 

Watch for the “Daily Flash” newsletter which will be distributed daily to provide updates on changes and new tip sheets.  

Go-Live, Day 3

Today was the third day of the latest MiChart Upgrade. We will continue to list the most important updates and tips in the Tell-All on November 1.  

Performance Issues

Background and plan

Other Epic sites who recently upgraded have experienced system performance issues at go live, and the MiChart team is working closely with Epic to assess potential impacts at Michigan Medicine.   

To mitigate risks at go live – code fixes were installed, and certain features will be deferred based on Epic’s recommendations (see Key Features section below). Standard communication and change management plans for MiChart Upgrades will be followed leading up to and during the activation period, to help surface and resolve issues.   

Key features that will be delayed include:  

  • Changes to registration screens and workflows 

What does this mean?  

  • Targeted communications were sent to impacted customers for changes to training plans. 
  • Customers who participated in upgrade user labs may have seen changes that will not be going live on October 23 based on these new recommendations.   
  • As of Monday, September 26, the practice environment is updated to reflect these changes. 

Key features that are still planned to go live include: 

  • New In Basket redesign with an updated look to make it more intuitive and add features. More details can be seen within the It's Possible... In Basket Overview video. 
  • New Behavioral Health module to support the unique workflows of behavioral health users and efficiently meet regulatory requirements within MiChart. 
  • New Genomics module that can create actionable Genomic and Germline indicators, while also offering reporting data. 
  • Changes to Secure Chat availability statuses. 
  • Updated Status Board and new Procedural Narrator in OR and Procedural areas. 
  • Book It scheduling will be available for schedulers that wish to use it along with the current Make Appointment scheduling. 

Getting help

Performance Issues

If you experience performance issues after the October 23 go live, please Submit a ticket through the Michigan Medicine Help Center and report the following:  
    • Workstation TermID
    • Is the customer on premise or remote?  
    • The exact time of the incident
    • Current activity/screen in MiChart
    • Are others experiencing the same issue?  
    • Are applications other than MiChart experiencing issues? 


All other MiChart upgrade questions or related issues:

  • For non-urgent issues, start at the Michigan Medicine Help Center (help.med.umich.edu/it) to chat with an agent (Monday - Friday 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.) or submit a ticket.  
  • For critical issues, call the Service Desk at 734-936-8000 

Training Materials

Practice Environment

Access the Practice Environment Now

A practice environment featuring the changes coming in the Fall MiChart upgrade is now available to all MiChart users through Virtual Places. This will provide users a chance to experience the upgrade changes prior to the go-live on October 23. 

Select the Epic MiChart Practice Upgrade Environment icon shown here.

NOTE: You will log in to Virtual Places (link posted below) with your Michigan Medicine (Level-2) uniqname and password, but you must use one of the training login IDs to log in to the practice environment. 

Detailed instructions for accessing the practice environment, including login and patient information, can be found on the following links. Please note - you must log in to access the MiChart information. 

Upgrade Training materials for all MiChart users will be published on Tuesday, September 20.  

Provide your feedback, and report issues

After using the practice environment, please provide your feedback on what you see as big wins, challenges, or areas that might need extra clarification, including any issues you encountered by filling out this survey. Your input will help us provide better communications and training materials.