HITS Knowledge Management


Knowledge Management is the process of capturing support documentation about IT services, structuring it in an easy-to-consume format, and maintaining its accuracy throughout the service lifecycle. This Knowledge includes how-to articles, training documents, and workflow diagrams that customers and the HITS Service Desk use to learn more about the service/support HITS offers and how to troubleshoot problems. HITS maintains knowledge pertaining to their services, and continually updates content to ensure it is correct and helpful for Michigan Medicine Faculty and Staff. In order to meet the project goals, the existing knowledge in Confluence will be retired and moved to ServiceNow or other HITS supported applications.


As of January 2021, the Confluence Knowledgebase has been locked for edits and new knowledge articles are now being created in ServiceNow.

Project Goals

HITS recently kicked off this project to:

  • Improve the quality of our support documentation by ensuring it is simple, correct, and direct
  • Establish a knowledge management process for the creation, maintenance, and retirement of content
  • Retire the current knowledge repository at wiki.med.umich.edu
  • Connect knowledge with the Service Portal, allowing customers to search the Service Catalog and knowledge in one location.

HITS maintains thousands of knowledge articles on Confluence, a wiki application that allows for collaborative editing and sharing. In preparation of the application’s decommission in April 2021, we are reviewing existing knowledge content for accuracy and value, and identifying what to migrate and what to retire. Documentation review is prioritized based on incident volume data. ServiceNow will be the new home of how-to articles, training documents, and workflow diagrams for customers and the Service Desk.


What is the transition plan?

Valuable IT knowledge and documentation within Confluence will migrate to other solutions - primarily ServiceNow for knowledge and to SharePoint for internal team content. We are taking a thoughtful approach to retire Confluence through a carefully executed project that engages all HITS divisions and teams. As we migrate information from Confluence to ServiceNow, we will edit the Confluence article to point to the new article in ServiceNow. Using ServiceNow, our capabilities for managing knowledge will significantly improve, including better workflow management for knowledge, more control by service owners over review and approval processes, and real-time data on how articles are used to deflect calls and tickets.

Will all documentation in Confluence be moved to ServiceNow?

Not all content will move to ServiceNow. The project team may recommend moving content to one of two other locations:

  • HITS Website: Tool to help customers efficiently find and request specific products and services
  • Team Site in SharePoint: Place to support collaboration among a team or project where most members act as content contributors

How much effort is expected from Michigan Medicine Faculty and Staff?

Faculty and Staff will only need to change their bookmarks to access knowledge content.  The old site was wiki.med.umich.edu, and the new site is our Service Portal, already available at help.medicine.umich.edu.