MiChart Knowledge & Resources

Over the next few months, Tip Sheets and other MiChart knowledge resources currently housed on the MiChart website will move to the Michigan Medicine Help Center  where you can search, sort, filter, and provide feedback on the articles provided. This is being done in response to feedback and requests to HITS to improve your experience in finding and using MiChart knowledge and resources.

As we begin transitioning content, additional details will be provided.


Content will be transitioning over time, with a goal of fully sunsetting content on the MiChart website by Fall 2021.


Coming soon! 


Where can I find knowledge?

Our knowledge can be accessed through the Michigan Medicine Help Center.

How do I search?

You can search for knowledge similarly to how you would search in google. There are also filters available to refine your search. Resources with additional details on effective searches will be added to this page as they are made available.

Where will I find tip sheets?

Tip Sheets will be moved into the MiChart Knowledge accessible through the Michigan Medicine Help Center

Where will I find MiChart upgrade information?

MiChart upgrade content will be available on a project page (like this one). The project page will contain the same type of information you currently find on the Upgrade page of the MiChart website. While the MiChart website is still available, it will contain a link to the MiChart Upgrade Project Page.

Where can I find news and updates?

The MiChart Tell-All will continue to be distributed via email. You will be able to access Tell-All issues via the Michigan Medicine Help Center for a few months after they are published.  After that time,  knowledge articles will be created and/or updated to house any ongoing content.

What if I use my current link to a tip sheet or something else the website?

As tip sheets start to move into the Michigan Medicine Help Center, we will have redirect pages in place so you can still get to the necessary content and will also have the information to update your link for the future.

Will I be able to link future content from other places?

Yes, anywhere that you currently link to a tip sheet, you will be able to link to a knowledge article.

What will happen to the MiChart Tip Sheets link under UMHS Links in MiChart?

The MiChart Tip Sheets link will be updated to link into the Michigan Medicine Help Center.