Microsoft 365

As the Michigan Medicine workforce relies more on modern digital workflows for productivity and collaboration, HITS is investing in platforms that enable these capabilities. This includes extending and improving existing strategic platforms. 

Michigan Medicine is building, and will soon offer its own comprehensive Microsoft 365 (M365) environment, based on our unique academic, research, and patient care needs. 

What is M365?

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M365 provides many of the same products you rely on today – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, SharePoint and Outlook – and packages them in a more powerful, collaborative, and mobile-friendly way.

M365 also brings all of these tools together in one convenient location – Teams – a place for you and your colleagues to come together and get things done.

Why M365?

HITS is working to develop, deliver, and support a robust M365 environment that will benefit faculty, staff, and students across Michigan Medicine by:

  • Enabling efforts to improve communication, productivity, and collaboration in support of the core value of Teamwork.
  • Connecting colleagues and collaborators more deeply, through enhanced technologies and modern digital processes.
  • Increasing opportunities to consistently respond to individual, team, and organizational needs, in the context of the modern workplace.

M365 Project Timeline


(05/04/21) Note: Some details are still being developed, and are subject to change.

Become an M365 Champion and get early access for you and your team!

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M365 Champions are volunteers who agree to take on a leading role in helping their unit or team become M365 "early adopters." 

If you'd like to be an M365 Champion, please complete this form.

Expectations for M365 Champions

  • Be your unit or team's "point of contact" for M365-related news and information.
  • Be available to help show others how to use tools, and promote M365 best practices.
  • Share how you and your team are using (or would like to use) M365, so we can better understand your business needs and goals.
  • Participate in early testing, and provide feedback on apps and adoption activities/materials.
  • Help with “how-to” support for M365 within your unit or team.
  • Help to answer questions from within the broader M365 community, as able.

As an M365 Champion, you and your team will become Early Adopters – making you among the first in Michigan Medicine to gain access to Microsoft 365 tools, training, and support, including opportunities to:

  • Receive early M365 training and communications. 
  • Provide input that will help to shape future training and communications.
  • Receive specialized product support regarding “how to” and “best practice” tips. 
  • Participate in developing and testing new features and capabilities. 


An important note about the ITS-supported version of M365 (Teams)

U-M ITS is now offering its own M365 (Teams) service. It it technically available to any U-M faculty, staff, or student – but here are some important things to know:

  • Michigan Medicine will soon offer our own, separate M365 environment specially designed to meet our unique research, patient care, and medical education-related needs.

  • The campus Teams instance is not HIPAA compliant and cannot be used to store or share patient data.

  • We won’t have a way to migrate content or workflows created in the campus M365 to the Michigan Medicine one, once ours goes live.

  • The ITS-supported version of M365 Teams does not not integrate with Outlook at Michigan Medicine.

Project Updates

SharePoint Online Logo

Michigan Medicine SharePoint upgrade: Learning opportunities, development freeze, community of practice


Michigan Medicine is upgrading its existing Microsoft SharePoint 2016 environment to SharePoint Online, a cloud-based service that will provide new opportunities for teams to share and manage content, knowledge and applications. Pilots and testing are happening now, and HITS plans to introduce SharePoint Online across all of Michigan Medicine beginning in early 2021.