Printer Management: PrinterLogic

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The Michigan Medicine community depends on user computing devices for all aspects of research, education, clinical, and administrative service. HITS strives to continuously improve its fleet of devices to support innovation and teamwork. The PrinterLogic project is part of a wider strategy to improve the CoreImage user experience by offering more self-service options for making routine changes, like adding or modifying printers.

All CoreImage devices will have access to this tool by September 30, 2022.

What is changing:

Users who want to add, remove, or modify the standard printers connected to their CoreImage (Windows) devices will use the new PrinterLogic application once it is installed on their device. CoreImage users will no longer need to contact the Service Desk to connect printers to their devices.

What is not changing:

  • The way a user prints a document will not be changed.
  • The process to change printer settings (black and white, double-sided, etc.) will not be changed.
  • Mac, Linux, and other non-CoreImage devices will not be impacted.
  • Non-standard printers (Zebra, barcode printers, etc.) will not be affected.


The current printer management software HITS uses is through CWDB for our Windows fleet. This includes IP management as well as assigning drivers and print objects to the managed workstations.  CWDB is set for retirement and printer management will be handled through a new program called PrinterLogic. This new program will allow HITS to manage the Michigan Medicine printer fleet more efficiently and allow for features to be added in the near future.


  • Allows users to easily connect their Windows devices to any standard printer in the Michigan Medicine fleet, without needing to work with the HITS Service Desk. 

  • Ability to manage fleet printer drivers down to an individual device, which allows backup printers to be kept connected during driver installations. 

  • Comprehensive fleet and device level print volume reporting. 

  • Printing requests are still handled through the Michigan Medicine network. In the unlikely event of the connection to the PrinterLogic server being lost, users can still print to the printers they are connected to. 


For walkthroughs on how to complete common tasks in PrinterLogic such as adding a printer, please click here.


How do I know if I have PrinterLogic?

To see if you have PrinterLogic, search Add Printer from the Start menu and select it.

If you have PrinterLogic, you will be taken to a PrinterLogic webpage where you will see a list of available printers you can install.

If I'm on PrinterLogic, how do I add/modify a MiChart Printer?

HITS has launched a new form for requests to add, remove or modify MiChart printers on CoreImage Windows Workstations. Click here to submit your request.

What printers will be in this new system? s

All standard printers, not including MiChart printers, on the Michigan Medicine network will be migrated to PrinterLogic. Zebra printers, barcode printers, and label printers will not be in the new system. 

Can I connect PrinterLogic to my CoreMac or personal device? 

No. Only Coreimage (Windows) devices will be able to connect to the new printer management system.  HITS is investigating how to support expanding this service to CoreMac and other devices in the future. 

I have a default printer currently connected to my device. Will I need to re-connect my device to the printer when we migrate to PrinterLogic? 

If you have a default printer connected to your device it will still be connected when we launch PrinterLogic. You will only need to use the new system if you want to add additional printers or change your default printer. 

Will I be able to print if connection to the PrinterLogic server is lost? 

If connection to the PrinterLogic is lost, but the local Michigan Medicine network is still active, you will be able to print to existing printers that are connected to your device. You will not be able to add, remove, or modify printers connected to your machine until the PrinterLogic service is restored. You will also be able to print directly to printers by physically connecting through USB.