Pyxis IV Prep

Michigan Medicine is at the half-way point of a phased roll-out of BD Pyxis IV Prep. The rollout is scheduled to be complete by October 2021 with the exception of CW pharmacies.  Please see the CW 4 OIR, CW 7 Infusion and CW 10 section for more details. 

BD Pyxis IV Prep is a compounding support system designed to improve the safety and efficiency of pharmacy compounding operations through the use of gravimetric analysis, barcode verification, image capture, and real-time feedback to the compounder.

Go-Live and Training Dates

Brighton Infusion and West Ann Arbor

Live as of June 8

Cancer Center

Live as of June 29

CW 4 OR, CW 7 Infusion and CW 10

Due to critical staffing levels, the IV Prep roll-out to the CW pharmacies has been paused indefinitely. We anticipate a Q1/Q2 2022 deployment.

Kellogg Eye Center

Live as of July 27

Northville and East Ann Arbor

Live as of May 4

Pharmacy Training Center

Live as of June 14

UH B2, UH OR, CVC OR, Brighton OR and East Ann Arbor OR

  • End User Training: August 23 - September 17
  • UH OR, CVC, and UH B2 Go-Live: September 21
  • Brighton OR and EAA OR Go-Live: October 5


What medications or products will be prepared through IV Prep?

Anything the pharmacy compounds or prepares in a sterile environment.

I’m a nurse. How will this impact me?

Medication label formats will change. Compounded medications will be delivered with IV Prep labels, as opposed to the current MiChart labels. All the information you’re used to seeing will still be there, but may be located in a different spot on the label or formatted difference. Labels will still scan correctly. <Insert link to syringe and IV bag label one-pagers>

What’s happening to DoseEdge?

DoseEdge, a compounding support system currently in place at several of MM’s hazardous compounding areas, will be decommissioned once all IV Prep rollouts are complete.

What’s happening to Dispense Prep?

Nothing. Dispense Prep will continue to be used in its current state.

What’s happening to LabelSafe?

LabelSafe will be replaced by IV Prep for all medications in scope.

Contact information:

Merry Lanzen, Project Manager