Reduced Availability to MWireless-UMHS

Beginning June 5, MWireless-UMHS will no longer be available in ambulatory, inpatient, or administrative buildings. About 5,000 Michigan Medicine faculty, staff, students, and sponsored users regularly connect devices to the MWireless-UMHS network for work and personal use. This wireless network has no reputation filtering, putting the enterprise at a higher risk of malware or malicious activity.


What WiFi network should I use instead?

For Personal Devices

UMHS 8021X is designated for employees accessing Michigan Medicine systems, shared drives, data, and printers using personal devices. To access UMHS 8021X, you must install Intelligent Hub using your uniqname and Michigan Medicine (Level-2) password. 

For Fully Managed Devices

MFleet is available for CoreMac and CoreImage workstations, as well as fully managed iOS devices. The network provides access to Michigan Medicine internal resources. Since the network connection is configured through the managed device, no authentication is needed.

MGuest is for Guests

Michigan Medicine employees should not use the MGuest WiFi network. MGuest is reserved for patients and families — and it does not offer a secure connection to conduct Michigan Medicine business. The connection also slows for patients and families when employees log on to the network.

Where can I still use MWireless-UMHS?

MWireless-UMHS will continue to be available in some medical research facilities, including:

  • 1018 Fuller Building
  • Argus Building
  • Bradford House
  • Biomedical Sciences Research Building
  • Buhl Research Center for Human Genetics
  • Medical Science Research Buildings 1, 2, and 3
  • Medical Science Unit 1 and 2
  • Molecular & Behavioral Neuroscience Institute
  • NCRC East
  • NCRC West (exception: Pathology NCRC buildings 30, 35, 36, and 60)
  • Simpson Thomas H Memorial Institute
  • Taubman Health Sciences Library
  • University Hospital Education Center (aka 1018 Fuller Building)

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are these changes happening now?

Michigan Medicine executive leaders made the decision to limit access to the MWireless-UMHS network based on U-M and Michigan Medicine policies (see U-M SPG 601.33 and UMHS Policy No. 01-04-502). Fulfilling these policies protects the personal data of our employees, students, and patients, as well as our sensitive and valuable research data. It also helps to protect the overall enterprise from unexpected or malicious disruptions. 

Why is the Michigan Medicine network so rigorously managed?

As an institution, we are accountable for the protection of our systems, data, and identities. The effort to secure our network is driven by protecting all mission work and reducing the opportunity for malicious and disruptive activities. By allowing only secure devices onto the protected network, we enable our clinicians, researchers, and staff to safely collaborate and work across all three missions simultaneously.

Do I need to install Intelligent Hub on my personal device?

Personally owned devices allowed on the Michigan Medicine network need to be held to the same high standard of security that Michigan Medicine managed devices are. Those wishing to use their personal devices on our networks will need to install Intelligent Hub and the appropriate security protections.

Can Intelligent Hub be used to access my personal information or to spy on me?

In accordance with U-M policy (UMHS Policy 01-04-501 and Regent Bylaw Sec. 14.07), Intelligent Hub administrators do not access personal data. The app does ensure personal devices are compliant by enforcing encryption and complex passwords. Any compliance or ethical concerns should be reported via or with the U-M Privacy Officer.

Project Updates


MWireless-UMHS will no longer be available in patient care areas


The message below was sent to regular users of the MWireless-UMHS WiFi network on May 1 and 2.


Reduced availability to the MWireless-UMHS WiFi network


Michigan Medicine is taking steps to protect its network and resources, while also encouraging a safe and non-threatening work environment.