Unified Clinical Communications (UCC)

What is UCC?

Unified Clinical Communications (UCC) is an effort to streamline, simplify, and improve communications in inpatient care areas – by providing a unified solution for secure text, voice calling, and closed-looped alarms and alerts.

In the project’s early phases, existing “SANS” phones (and their functions) will be replaced by iPhones. Over time, additional features and functionalities will be added, creating a more unified experience.

While some pager-related communications will migrate to the new iPhones initially, and more will be added over time, the elimination of pagers in clinical settings is NOT within the scope of this project.

UCC Pilot – November 2020

UCC was introduced in UH6 Units A, B, C, and D in early November 2020. It will be introduced to most other in-patient care areas over the next two years.

* Note: Speech-to-text is not currently available in Rover.


Note: Not all features and functionalities will be available during early phases of UCC, but more will be added over time.