Classroom Technology Immediate Assistance

NEW! Get in-person support for tech issues in select classrooms. 

Need help connecting to technology in a classroom? Our Immediate Assistance pilot program is running March-June, 2022. We support and troubleshoot:  

  • Room monitors, projectors, and microphones/audio equipment 
  • Connection issues (WiFi or cable issues) 
  • Common application issues in PowerPoint, Zoom, and more 

Supported Rooms

In collaboration with the Medical School, HITS identified 50 high-traffic rooms to receive technology support during the program pilot. See the full list of supported rooms. Rooms included are in:  

  • Taubman Health Science Library (THSL) 

  • Medical Sciences Buildings 1 & 2 

  • Biomedical Science Research Building (BSRB) 

All supported rooms contain clear signage by the door and near the room equipment or podium. 

About the Immediate Assistance Service

HITS is piloting a new support service in 50 classrooms to better serve the medical education community. IT professionals will provide in-person support to troubleshoot classroom connections, device issues, and audio/visual equipment issues. Our goal is to minimize IT disruptions to learning and events in highly utilized medical school spaces. 

The initial program pilot will run through June 2022. During the pilot we will collect data to monitor the volume of service requests by room, better understand staffing needs, and refine service practices to provide a more seamless experience.  

This service will evolve and grow over time as we scale-up to serve more medical education spaces and provide new ways to request assistance.


How do I get classroom technology support?

There are two ways to request support for immediate assistance in a classroom: 

  • Call the Service Desk at (734) 936-8000, option 9: Give your information to an agent who will submit a ticket to the on-site team for you 

  • Scan the QR Code: Submit a ticket to the on-site team directly online via a short Qualtrics form 

To use the QR Code:

  1. Open the camera app on your phone and scan the QR code on the room sign.  
  2. Fill out the short Qualtrics form, providing your contact information, location, and a brief description of your issue (optional). 
  3. Once you press submit, the form will be routed directly to the Classroom Technology Services on-site team, who will visit your room location to help.

What if I need help but I don’t see any signs or information for this service in the room?

If you do not see signs in the room about immediate assistance classroom technology support, that room is not included in the pilot program. Know that we are working to expand coverage to more spaces once the pilot concludes! Click here to report broken equipment in a classroom.

What if the QR code doesn’t work?

Visit directly to access the Qualtrics request form.