Data Management Office Hours

Get help with storing and managing data throughout its lifecycle.

Discuss all things data on Tuesdays at 3pm

Starting in 2021, join HITS Academic Engagement and Taubman Health Sciences Library on Tuesdays at 3pm to discuss data management. 

Subscribe to our Google Calendar to join and access the Zoom invite. See the instructions below to access the calendar through Outlook or Google.

How we can help

Examples of how we might help you during office hours:

  • Get started with the Electronic Research Notebook. The Library can help organize your data and suggest relevant metadata. Engagement can help explore different functionalities that will facilitate organization
  • Implement a data management plan. The Library can help interpret a data policy and write a data management plan. Engagement can help with the technology to implement it, such as storage and transfer tools.
  • Improve your research reproducibility. The Library can advise on making your workflow reproducible. Engagement can help you with the technology to implement it, such as compute environments.
  • Share data with collaborators in or outside of U-M. The Library can help identify repositories and data sharing best practices. Engagement can help with data transfer tools.

About our teams

The HITS Academic Engagement team helps researchers find the right tech solutions for their projects and connects them with the teams that run these solutions. We can help you determine which storage option is best for your project, how to move data from its source to the analysis location, how to navigate security requirements for sensitive data types, and more.

The Taubman Health Sciences Library has a dedicated team with expertise in all aspects of research data management. From strategies for organizing your data to developing data management plans to creating visualizations of your data to identifying journals or repositories for publication and data sharing, we can help you make the most of your research data throughout its lifecycle.

How to join

Office hours are on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month at 3pm. Team members will rotate attendance, with at least one person from each team. Subscribe to the Data Management Office Hours calendar to receive the Zoom link with information on who will be attending on a particular date. There will also be relevant demos and webinars added to the calendar.


Subscribe through Google Calendar

  1. Open our Data Management Office Hours calendar.

  2. Click on the + Google Calendar button in the bottom right.


  1. Open Google calendar Settings.

  2. Expand Add Calendar.

  3. Click Subscribe to Calendar.

  4. Search for Data Management Office Hours.


Subscribe through Outlook

  1. This must be set up in Outlook on the Web. After that, it will show up in the Outlook desktop app.

  2. Go to

  3. Switch to your Calendar.

  4. Click Add Calendar.

  5. Click From Internet.

  6. Copy this link into the Link to the calendar.

  7. Save.