Data Sets

HITS oversees the populating, reliability, and access to many of the data sets used within Michigan Medicine, including the ones listed below. 


Data Asset Catalog

The Michigan Medicine Data Asset Catalog describes datasets stewarded and managed by members of the Michigan Medicine community. Please note that this catalog does not include the actual data or a searchable list of field names. ​​​​​​​

Epic Clarity

The Clarity database is a large subset of data that comes from MiChart (Epic) applications. The data is transferred nightly from the MiChart Chronicles database to Clarity, an Oracle relational database. Epic certification or proficiency is required for access.

Epic Caboodle

Caboodle is a relational database that represents a subset of Clarity data. It is SQL-based and employs a data warehouse approach to storing the data, which allows for more simplified reporting compared to Clarity.

Health System Data Warehouse (HSDW)

The Health System Data Warehouse (HSDW) extracts, integrates, and stores data from multiple data sources throughout Michigan Medicine. It organizes the data in a meaningful way, enabling you to analyze information related to integrated financial, operational, and clinical data. 


Medical School Data Warehouse (MSDW)

The Medical School Data Warehouse is an analytic collection of historical and commutative information from multiple sources designed for fast, understandable querying by business decision-makers within the U-M Medical School. It includes organizational data supporting the academic, research administration, and administrative mission of the Medical School. To request an account, contact the HITS Service Desk. Learn more.

Outside Records Database

The Outside Records Database (ORDB) captures external patient data and stores it for reporting and analytics. Created and maintained by the HITS Health Information Exchange (HIE) team, the ORDB is structured to allow external patient data to be linked to data within Clarity, HSDW, and other major data repositories. Learn more.