Cornerstone is Michigan Medicine’s home for training, development, and performance resources designed to help faculty, staff, and learners develop and achieve their goals

Cornerstone Learning

Using Cornerstone Learning

Michigan Medicine managers can assign one time/non-recurring training to their staff, use the user record to manage and assign automated training for their staff, view and manage their staff's profiles and run reports. Important reports to assist units in complying with Michigan Medicine institutional mandatory compliance can be run in Cornerstone Learning using Reporting 2.0.

Cornerstone Learning Facilitators

Cornerstone Learning Facilitators can enroll any learner into Instructor-led events (including virtual Instructor-Led training), mark any learners complete using Express Class (replaces post enroll), access any Michigan Medicine user record to manage and assign automated training, view and manage any learner profiles for entire enterprise, view any learner's active and completed transcript​ and run reports.  

Training for Cornerstone Learning facilitators is available in Cornerstone Learning.

Cornerstone Performance Management

Introducing Cornerstone Performance Management

In early September 2023, Michigan Medicine officially started the process of retiring it's legacy (form-based) annual Performance Valuation in favor of a new online system, as a new "Performance Management" feature has been added to the Cornerstone Talent Management platform – joining Cornerstone Learning.

A phased rollout will allow Michigan Medicine to expand and explore other performance-related features in Cornerstone. During the first phase (remainder of 2023), annual employee goal-setting will be the main focus. Early next year, Michigan Medicine Human Resources will be sharing information about how staff and managers can create, approve, and submit annual performance evaluations.

The effort to launch Cornerstone Performance Management is a result of successful collaboration between Michigan Medicine Human Resources, Organizational Development, and a variety of HITS teams, led by Workforce Applications, and including Learning Design and Delivery. 

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About the Cornerstone Talent Management Platform

What is Talent Management?

Talent Management refers to a coordinated set of activities that nurture employees to reach their full potential – including onboarding and orientation, learning, personal skills and growth, professional development, performance management, succession planning, and more.

Additional Talent Management capabilities coming soon!

Implementing Cornerstone Learning and Cornerstone Performance Management are just the first steps toward developing a comprehensive, cloud-based Talent Management Platform designed to serve the incredibly diverse (and often unique) needs of Michigan Medicine’s more than 30,000 faculty, staff, and students.