Accounts & Passwords

Learn more about U-M accounts and changing your UMICH (Level-1) and Michigan Medicine (Level-2) passwords.

Different Levels of Passwords

Every Michigan Medicine employee has at least two primary passwords:

  • Your UMICH (Level-1) password is used to access campus resources and employee services, including Wolverine Access, Duo, the Google Suite, and Dropbox. 
  • Your Michigan Medicine (Level-2) password allows access to Michigan Medicine's clinical and administrative resources, including unlocking your CoreImage or CoreMac device and accessing applications including Microsoft 365 and Epic. 

Level-2 Account Requests Tool (ART)

Request Michigan Medicine (Level-2) accounts using the Account Request Tool (ART). For ART-related documentation and training resources, visit Michigan Medicine Help Center


All University of Michigan employees are assigned a user ID called a uniqname, which is made up of 3 to 8 alphabetic characters. Your uniqname is used to access many U-M resources, along with your UMICH (Level-1) and Michigan Medicine (Level-2) passwords. 

Please note: Your uniqname also forms the base for your Michigan Medicine email address:

Passwords / Passcodes

Your uniqname and passwords grant you access to Michigan Medicine resources needed to do your work. Though the Michigan Medicine (Level-2) password is used to access most Michigan Medicine applications, you may have additional passwords for other systems, databases, or files.

Please note: Health Information Technology & Services (HITS) has the means to track and audit your access to work-related files and to identify your activity within them.

Password Protection

Data security is a top priority to protect our patients, our research, and our people. Your Michigan Medicine (Level-2) password should be unique -- do not reuse your password on other sites or share it with others. 

The Safe Computing website offers more details and information about employee and institutional responsibilities surrounding the protection of patient care information.

Updating Your Password

HITS requires you to change your Michigan Medicine (Level-2) password annually, or in the event of a compromise.

To change your Michigan Medicine (Level-2) or UMICH (Level-1) password, go to the Michigan Medicine User Profile Page:

Set Up, Unlock, or Change Your Password Online

Change your passwords online on the Michigan Medicine User Profile Page. Here you can:

  • Set a UMICH (Level-1) or Michigan Medicine (Level-2) password for the first time;
  • Unlock a Michigan Medicine (Level-2) account or reset a forgotten Michigan Medicine (Level-2) password;
  • Update a Michigan Medicine user profile or reset UMICH (Level-1) or Michigan Medicine (Level-2) passwords.

Passcodes on Mobile Devices 

To see the password (passcode) requirements for mobile devices that have access to Michigan Medicine services, read more about Intune.