Device Procurement

If you need to purchase a new computing device for your unit, HITS can help.

How to Order a New University-Owned Device

Ordering new devices

Order new devices through our service catalog available at 

FY 2021 Purchasing Guidelines

HITS developed new guidelines that govern computer, printer and accessories purchase requests for clinical and shared services customers, effective July 2020. These guidelines strive to help Michigan Medicine better utilize existing equipment within the product life cycle, making the best use of our current device fleet in this tight budget environment. The guidelines outline computer trade-ins and approval processes, printing standards, accessories funding, and more.

Order fulfillment

Our service level goal is to fill orders within two weeks. Custom configurations and special orders will be up to a 4-6 week lead time for delivery, so please consider carefully if a special configuration is required prior to ordering.

Devices procured outside of the HITS device ordering portal are at risk of not being compatible with HITS managed images and may prevent your device from connecting to the network. Because Apple has changed their device enrollment program (DEP), we can no longer deploy CoreMac technology on devices purchased from an Apple retailer.

If you have questions about which models are compatible or have unique requirements, custom order consultation is available through the portal, including scoping devices being used with instrumentation.

What is a University-Owned Device?

University-owned devices are those provided by or paid for by the University of Michigan (including Michigan Medicine). If you bought a device with your own funds and then were reimbursed by U-M, that device would also be considered a university-owned device.

HITS offers four managed computing options for university-owned devices: CoreImage, CoreMac, Kiosk, and Flex. All of these managed computing options provide regular software updates, and are configured to meet security and compliance requirements.

Looking for Other Equipment?

Conference Room AV Equipment

These are non-portable kits that provide a quality USB Camera, Speaker, and Microphone and are designed to remain integrated with a large flat panel display in a conference room.  Suitable for up to 10 participants.   Some models can be added to a display on a movable cart.

Because of the installation work and USB signal extension equipment needed, the assistance of an experienced team is needed. Please Submit a Help Ticket and ask that HITS Digital Workplaces team assist you.

Models Available

  • Logitech: Group
  • Logitech: MeetUp
  • Vaddio: Conference Shot AV Bundle

Desktop Monitor Speaker Bars

A recommended companion to an existing USB webcam.  Michigan Medicine currently provides HP Elite‐series desktop displays. Older displays still in use are Dell Ultrasharp. The recommended desktop speakers are the manufacturer’s matching speaker bar that mates to the bottom of each monitor.  To request please Submit a Help Ticket and ask that HITS Device Support team assist you.

HP Monitors

  • LCD Speaker Bar

Dell Monitors

  • AX510

Jabber Headsets

For Jabber (Soft-Phone) App users please read our Telephones and Headsets page for details on procuring Jabber headsets.

Keyboard, Mice, & Laptop Cases

You can order computer mice, keyboards, laptop carrying cases, speaker bars, and other peripheral equipment through your department operating account on U-M Marketsite.

Frequently requested equipment includes:

  • HP USB Keyboard (#QY776AA#ABA)
  • HP USB 2 Button Mouse (#QY777AA)
  • HP Top Load Carrying Case (#H5M92AA)
  • HP LCD Speaker Bar (#NQ576AA)

USB Speaker

Desktop USB Speaker/mic Sets:

For open-air conversations. Good for people who tend to have meetings with others gathered around. Not suited for people who need communications privacy or sit in an open office environment with close neighbors. These can be ordered via U-M Marketsite.

  • Jabra Speak 510. Good for road-warriors because it also has Bluetooth to use as a quality speakerphone with your cell phone.
  • Logitech P710e. Similar to above (USB + Bluetooth) but incorporates a little slot-stand for your cell phone.
  • Jabra Speak 410. USB-only. No Bluetooth. Good for desktop users.

USB Webcam

An add‐on for desktop PC’s. Usually these mount on top of your existing desktop monitor.  Fancy ones can wall‐mount if needed. You will also need a speaker, and possibly a microphone, to accompany this. These can be ordered via U-M Marketsite.

Standard Webcam

  • Logitech: Brio (up to 4K resolution)
  • Logitech: C930e (HD resolution)

Professional Webcam

  • Logitech: PTZ Pro 2
  • Vaddio: ConferenceShot Camera series

USB Camera Speaker Microphone Combination appliance for groups

Provides all three UC peripherals (speaker, mic, camera). Good for small groups of 1‐4 people seated up to 6ft from the microphone (such as a meeting table in a manager’s office, huddle table, small conference room). These can be ordered via U-M Marketsite.

  • Logitech: Conference Cam Connect

Camera Speaker Microphone built into a Desktop Monitor

Combines the appliance above with a monitor. Designed for 1 or 2 people directly at a desktop no more than about 3ft from the monitor.   A caveat: similar to a USB monitor speaker‐bars, some models might not play an incoming ring sound when the monitor is in sleep/blank mode. These can be ordered via U-M Marketsite.

  • HP E273m (27”)
  • HP E243m (24”)