Telephones and Headsets

HITS supports a wide variety of phones and phone-related solutions to help keep you connected – including corded and cordless telephones, voicemail, Jabber (softphone), analog and fax lines, Unified Clinical Communications (UCC), and more!

PLEASE NOTE: Important Telephone-related Service Upgrades!

  • HITS is improving the way it handles many phone-related issues and requests. 
  • This includes partnering with a new vendor – Optanix –  along with other changes that will make it easier to report problems and request help.
  • Staff can expect to see Optanix team members (who will be wearing red “contractor” badges) visiting their work areas to troubleshoot or perform phone-related work.
  • Michigan Medicine customers should NO LONGER call AT&T to report any issues or make any service requests.  
  • To receive the fastest possible service, select an item under "Telephone Issues and Requests," below.

Report a problem with an existing service or device

Report a problem with an EXISTING service or device

Request new/changes to service or device

Aspect (Request changes to agent profiles or call flows)

Use this form to request to add, change, or delete an Aspect agent profile.

Use this form to request to move, add, or change an Aspect call flow.

Analog/Fax Lines

This form is used to request an analog or fax line.

Data/Telephone Jack Installation

This form is used to request the installation and activation of a data/telephone jack.


What is Jabber?

Jabber Softphone operates like a phone, but through your computer and the internet rather than traditional phone lines. Jabber Softphone allows you to use a Michigan Medicine CoreImage windows computer or mobile phone (Android/iPhone) to answer a single U-M phone number. For information on how to start using Jabber Softphone, please visit our Knowledgebase.

Using Jabber on Smartphones

If you wish to use your personal iPhone or Android mobile device for use with Michigan Medicine jabber, you will need to install Intelligent Hub on your device to be in compliance with Information Assurance policy. Click here to learn more about Intelligent Hub.  Note: If you use a device to access or store sensitive institutional data, you'll need to comply with Michigan Medicine policy on device use (UMHS Policy 01-04-507: Mobile Device Security.

Check the U-M Finance website to see if there are any current discounts on cellular plans. 

If your Department is purchasing a smartphone for you, please follow your departmental process for ordering and approval of equipment. For information on strategic vendors, go to U-M Procurement.

Headsets for Jabber

Jabber compatible headsets are not purchased, provided, or supported by HITS. If you need to order Jabber compatible  headsets please contact Jamie Franklin from ReadyHeadsetGo at

NOTE: The form below should be used to request a Jabber account and/or software. It is not intended for changes to an existing Cisco Jabber software telephone. 

Conference Phones

This form is used to request a Cisco Conference telephone.

Desk Phones

This form is used to request a Cisco desk telephone.

Wall Phones

This form is used to request a Cisco wall telephone.

(Cisco) Wireless Phones

This form is used to request a Cisco wireless telephone.

Use this form to report an issue with your Cisco Wireless phone (8821 only), or to request a new Battery or Phone Clip.

Telephone Disconnects

This form is used to request to disconnect an existing phone number.

Telephone Feature Changes

This form is used to request feature changes to an existing Cisco telephone.

Telephone Moves

This form is used to request moving an existing Cisco telephone.

Unified Clinical Communications (UCC)

What is UCC?

Unified Clinical Communications (UCC) is an effort to streamline, simplify, and improve communications in inpatient care areas – by providing a unified solution for secure text, voice calling, and closed-looped alarms and alerts.

In the project’s early phases, existing “SANS” phones (and their functions) will be replaced by iPhones. Over time, additional features and functionalities will be added, creating a more unified experience.

Request UCC Phones or Accessories

Click below to request phones and accessories, including charging stations, cases, belt clips, etc.

Report a UCC-related Issue

This form can be used to report issues related to Unified Clinical Communication (UCC) iPhones.


This form can be used to request new voicemail, make changes to existing voicemail, or delete voicemail. You can also request new voicemail to email, make changes to existing voicemail to email, or delete voicemail to email. Additionally you can use this request to change your voicemail password.


Need a headset?

Units are responsible for purchasing headsets, if required.

To purchase headsets, contact Jamie Franklin from ReadyHeadsetGo at (requires PCard or a purchase order request).