Academic IT Print Resources

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IT Resource Guide for Research and Education

Updated in 2024, download the print-ready IT Resource Guide for Research and Education.

Academic Engagement Flyer

Full-page Academic Engagement flyer

Quarter-page Academic Engagement flyer

Updated September 2023

Academic Integrations Flyers

Full-page Academic Integrations flyer

Full-page Automation Services flyer

Full-page Data Mart & Registry Services flyer

Updated April 2021

Central Biorepository Flyers

Classroom Technology Services

Full-page Classroom Technology Services flyer 

Updated August 2022

Electronic Research Notebook Flyers

Full-page Electronic Research Notebook flyer

Quarter-page Electronic Research Notebook flyer

Updated 2019

OnCore Clinical Trial Management System Flyers

QA Advisory Flyers

Full-page QA Advisory flyer

Quarter-page QA Advisory flyer

Updated September 2023

Research Computing Investments

Full-page Research Computing Investments flyer

Updated August 2023

Scientific Programming & Innovation Flyer

Full-page Scientific Programming & Innovation flyer

Updated August 2023